Why bright kids get poor grades

Why bright kids get poor grades

Dr. Rimm describes a realistic, compassionate, no-nonsense, six-step program te reverse the epidemic of underachievement that exists in today’s schools. This manual, for parents and teachers, contains practical advice, step-by-step examples, and sample dialogue to use with bright but underachieving children.

In Why bright kids get poor grades, Dr. Rimm explains:

  • How to tell if a child is underachieving
  • Patterns of underachievement
  • How parents (unintentionally) contribute to underachievement
  • Ways in which schools cause underachievement
  • Consequences of dependency and dominance in children
  • Tips for solving homework struggles
  • The role of competition
  • How parents and teachers can work together
  • Methods of finding positive role models
  • Techniques to help children take more responsability for themselves
  • Approaches to encourage independence and self-organization
  • Plans that build resiliency
  • A proven model for reversing underachievement
  • Rimm’s 12 Laws of Achievement
De auteurs:

Sylvia Rimm, Ph.D., is a psychologist and best-selling author who has appeared regularly on NBC’s Today show. She is director of the Family Achievement Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a clinical professor at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine.

Why Bright Kids Get Poor Grades
And what you can do about it

Dr. Sylvia Rimm

Great Potential Press, Inc., Scottsdale, ©2008


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